161 VICTORIA STREET | 366 1985 |
161 VICTORIA STREET | 366 1985 |


We offer a in house traditional B&W film developing service for both 35mm and 120 roll films.
We use a Jobo programmable auto 1500 processor for consistency throughout the developing process ensuring optimum results.

We also offer a scan to CD and print service at time of processing if required.

Dev only 35mm & 120mm $22.00
Dev and 20mb CD 24exp $30.00
Dev and 20mb CD 36exp $35.00
Dev and 6×4 prints 24exp $29.90
Dev and 6×4 prints 36exp $36.00

161 VICTORIA STREET | 366 1985 |

We are open 7 days so come on down for a chat!

Opening Hours-
Mon – Fri 8.30am – 5.30pm
Sat – 10am – 4pm
Sun – 11am – 3pm
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