PowerBase Li-ion & NiMH Charger

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C-735 Li-ion & NiMh LCD Fusion Charger can compatible for most 3.6V & 7.2V Li-ion batteries and AA/ AAA batteries. It accommodates the charging needs of digital camera, mobile phone and video camera.
Battery Charge 2 AA, AAA or Li- ion Battery 3.6V – 3.7V, Li- ion Battery 7.2V – 7.4V
Input Voltage DV12V, 600mA
Output Section DC 4.2V, 700mA; DC 8.4V, 700mA; DC AA/AAA 2.8V, 700mA
Cut of Device Auto Voltage Monitor
Time Protection
LED Light By LCD Display
AC Adaptor External
12V Car Adaptor
Charging Time 3.6V Li-ion 800mAh= 1Hr (Approx.); 7.2V Li-ion 2000mAh= 2-3Hrs (approx.); AA- 2300mAh= 4-5Hrs (Approx.); AAA-800mAh= 1-2Hrs (Approx.)
Plug Type