161 VICTORIA STREET | 366 1985 |
161 VICTORIA STREET | 366 1985 |

Kenro x2 Slide Viewer

OUR PRICE $69.90 inc GST

2X Magnification 35mm slide viewer, no batteries required


This easy-to-operate desktop slide viewer offers 2x magnification for standard 35mm mounted slides. The glass magnifying lens prevents distortion and provides optimum clarity, and you can be sure you’re viewing the image true-to-life with the built-in LED light source.

Simply insert 2 AA batteries (not included), insert your slide, push down on the slide to engage the light trigger, and look through the magnifying lens to view. This small, lightweight slide viewer is compact and easy to store and transport.

Key features:

1. PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT – This small, lightweight slide viewer is compact and easy to transport and store

2. 2X MAGNIFICATION – Magnify your 35mm mounted slides to twice their original size

3. TRUE-TO-LIFE IMAGES – High quality LED light source for accurate colours

4. EASY TO OPERATE – Just insert 2 AA batteries into the unit, drop your slide into the slot and push down to illuminate

161 VICTORIA STREET | 366 1985 |

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