NiSi 150x150mm Square HD Polariser filter

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  • Ultra Low Colour Cast, Ultra Low Reflection
  • High Definition
  • Ultra-thin frame design
  • Nitto original polarizing material
  • Blackened glass edge technology
  • Black fine grinding frame
  • Advanced frame embossing technology

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Nisi 150x150mm Square HD Polariser filter – CPL polariser is also called polariser, is the abbreviation Circular Polariser. Mainly used to suppress non-metallic surfaces highly reflective (polarised), revealing the original colour and texture of the object, can also be used to improve the tone and hue of the sky, most commonly used filter especially in landscape photography, for digital its role is irreplaceable.

CPL structure is sandwiched in the middle two pieces of a polarising optical glass glued together, Nisi HD CPL polarising film imported from Japan, low colour shift, and optical precision double-sided glued and then polished to achieve an excellent level and parallelism, to provide the best image quality.