Canon EF-EOS M lens Adaptor

OUR PRICE $195.00 inc GST

The mount adaptor offers the flexibility to shoot with the entire EF and EF-S range of lenses when using the EOS M body. AF is possible when using the Mount Adapter. Whether it’s macro, wide-angle, standard, telephoto or super telephotolenses, your creativity is limitless with the new mount adapter.


  • Enables EF (including EF-S series) lenses to be used with the EOS M System*
  • AF is possible when using the Mount Adapter
  • Ultra convenient, ensuring you can use your existing EF lenses, plus any future EF lens purchases*
  • Compact in size and lightweight
  • Enables all EF lens functions to be used as normal
  • Equipped with a removable tripod mount, allowing the adapter to be used with a variety of lenses
  • Features a high quality, streamlined construction perfected for use with EF series lenses*
  • * Excluding EOS M and CN-E lenses (Cinema EOS lenses)
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 12 months