Visionking 1141000 Reflector telescope

OUR PRICE $549.90 inc GST

  • 1 x1141000mm Astronomical Telescope1 x K25mm Eyepiece

    1 x K10mm Eyepiece

    1 x Diagonal Prisms Barlow3X

    1 x Finder scope

    1 x Finder scope holder

    1 x User Manual

    1 x Equatorial Tripod



Visionking 114-1000 EQ 114  1000mm Astronomical Telescope with 114 mm large tube and 1000 mm focal length. It provides you super clear images from the sky at night. New optical technology you can see outstanding detail when viewing the moon and also can see Saturn’s rings, Cloud layers structure of Jupiter etc. It is not only great for planetary work but can detect details in faint distant galaxies, so it is the best choice for deep space observations.