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161 VICTORIA STREET | 366 1985 |



We have recently installed the latest Canon 60-inch photographic printer, one of very few in NZ. The imagePROGRAF iPF-9400, 60-inch large format printer was designed for professionals in the graphic, fine art, photography and proofing markets that seek the highest possible standards for quality-control and image reproduction. An incredibly large colour spectrum is produced by the 12-Color LUCIA EX pigment ink set, which also provides better scratch resistance and smoother gradations. Our highly experienced print technicians are not restricted to set print sizes. From the time we receive your image to the last quality checks before shipping, your print is treated with the attention it deserves. And, it shows.


The Chromira 5x ProLab is a fully integrated, professional 30” digital printer/processor lab system that automatically nests, sorts, back-prints, cuts, and collates package orders of small prints, larger prints, and murals with perfectly colour-matched, flawless results.
This significantly reduces turnaround times, labour, energy, and operational requirements.
ProLab prints stunning digital images from 3×5 inches to 30 in. x 35 ft. from one roll of 30 inch media ensuring perfect colour matching, simple operation, reduced inventory keeping, and low waste. The ProLab uses state-of-the-art, award-winning, and patented LED technology to create beautiful, high quality prints. It images on any RA-4 media and surface, including backlit display films.


Chromira ProLab provides labs a competitive advantage in and across market segments, including portrait, wedding, commercial, custom, fine art, event, schools, and consumer. It produces innovative products for customers with very different requirements, preferences, and expectations… and will deliver unmatched quality and production efficiency for each imaging market.

Don’t just print. PRINT PERFECT.


161 VICTORIA STREET | 366 1985 |

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